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Hey! My name is Blustein Nir, a like-minded, passionate, and innovative person with almost 20 years of experience in the field of UI/UX & product design - mobile and web apps, websites, campaigns, and online games.


As an independent UI/UX designer, I’m very passionate about what I do which helps me in offering my clients not only an eye-catching design but an amazing experience.


I treat my clients like family instead of a number, and I'm also striving for the perfect experience and works diligently to achieve it.  Besides, I believe that all decisions should reflect values and business culture, so I follow what is in my heart not just my head. Luckily, I have clients in both.


My customers have ranged from startups to fortune. I have spoken at meetups and businesses.  On top of that, my design works have been seen by over a million people.





I help website-owners and Marketers to boost their conversion rates by designing their campaigns, landing page banners, and other relevant material related to digital and online designs.


My creative knowledge of designs has to make Business-owners seek out my service to benchmark their company overtime against the competition.


Mobile and web app developers use my service to design their apps on devices of all sizes to boost positive reviews and feedback.





To get more details and pricing, use my contact form or call me on +972-50-2-470048 and get unique and beautiful designs today!

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